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Divorce is simply the termination of marriage. From a legal point of view, the divorce itself is the easiest part. For the people going through it the divorce may be very difficult emotionally but the legalities are quite simple.

The legal problems arising from divorce have to do, not with the termination of the marriage, but with what should happen after the marriage is over and the two spouses begin their lives apart.

These problems involve children and/or money. With children, the main questions are:

  1. where will they live
  2. who will decide what’s best for them
  3. how will they continue their relationship with both parents, and
  4. who will provide the money needed to support them.

Questions about money generally concern:

  1. how to divide property acquired during the marriage and
  2. whether one spouse will continue to provide money to support the other and, if so, how much that support will be and how long will it have to be paid.