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I was served with divorce papers from my husband giving me 5 days to vacate my home, pay 1/2 mortgage and leave my handicap child with him. I was so devastated I called Mr. Jeffries after seeing his review on Google. He got right on the phone with me giving me legal advice ( no charge) and was so concerned about me told me to come in right then. He was so comforting even was tearing up. I have been working with him for a long time now due to husband’s demands. I can’t tell you how many emails and phone calls I have made to him. He returned all my emails promptly and never refused a call from me. This man not only knows the law but he will work endlessly for you. He jokingly calls me a “saint” but he has been a gift from God for me and my child. Trust me this is the lawyer you want on your side!! – Jan Henke
I did some research before consulting with Mr. Jeffries and I knew after speaking with him for the first time that he was the attorney I wanted to represent my case. He is very knowledgeable, trustworthy, professional and has great work ethics. I was amazed at how he helped change the course of mine and my children’s lives with the final results of my custody/relocation case. It allowed me to remove myself and my children from a very manipulating, conniving and deceitful human being. There were many nights that I couldn’t sleep in the very beginning of my case for being stressed out, but I would email Mr. Jeffries my concerns or questions and he always helped put my mind at ease. Mr. Jeffries went above and beyond working diligently to resolve our conflict in a timely manner. I am very satisfied with the way my case was handled and my children have never been happier. I can honestly say that Mr. Jeffries helped protect and save my children’s innocence. :’-) A special thank you to his legal assistant, Michelle, who always took the time to respond promptly to my emails, phone calls, and the endless questions I had. I would recommend Mr. Jeffries to anyone that is going through a complicated legal issue.
Bob handled one of the most complicated, drawn out divorces I can possibly imagine, and he did so with incredible professionalism. As importantly, he was there for me during the entire emotional process day and night and helped me navigate what seemed an impossible situation. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of a divorce or family services attorney. If you’re looking for a lawyer who will fight like a pitbull for your rights, protect you and your family AND help you keep sane during what can seem an insane process, I don’t think you can find any better anywhere.
My divorce should have been simple. We could have split the property down the middle and agreed to reasonable support. But my ex would not agree to anything that was fair. He wanted 75% of the property and to pay me so little in support that my two sons and I could not have survived. He fought me on everything and appealed the case twice. Bob was always very steady in assuring me that everything would come out alright. He treated me with respect, kept me informed, responded to my questions, gave me accurate advice, calmed me down when I was upset and was more than fair about his fees. In the end he was right. My ex is now paying and my boys and I have peace of mind. Bob’s confidence in his job and persistence was very reassuring during what would have been a fearful time in my life. I have, on several occasions, gone back to Bob for legal assistance and I am always more than satisfied and very grateful.
My experience with Mr. Jeffres as well as his secretary Ms. Turner was Awesome. Mr. Jeffries and Ms. Turner returned all my calls in a timely manner as well as explained what the process would look like and what documents would be needed for the case to move smoothly. I would highly recommned Mr. Jeffries without reservation.
My ex-wife was suing me for child support. She is self-employed plus she was getting large sums of money from a gentleman. Bob was extremely diligent in digging through her books and came up with a cross-examination that completely destroyed her credibility with the judge. She appealed it and we settled just before the second trial.. But had we gone through with it, he had a notebook full of stuff to throw at her, including proof of the very large amounts coming her way from the gentleman. Bob is down-to-earth and easy to work with.
I was referred to Mr. Jeffries by a close friend and I have recommended Mr. Jeffries to several people I know; I always tell them the same thing. Money is tight for everyone these days, and his fees are far less than expensive than the “big name firms”, but you get the same, if not, more detail-oriented quality of work. He handled my custody case, years after I had started off with another attorney. Her fees kept going up, and the work wasn’t getting done. The minute I retained Mr. Jeffries, he was on the phone with opposing counsel, lining everything up that needed to be done. It was done swiftly and efficiently. He was blunt and brutally honest, which we all need to hear in these circumstances. He advised different ways things could be handled and presented situations I hadn’t thought of before. My custody case was finally settled to both parties’ satisfaction, and my daughter’s best interests at heart (after years wasted with another firm). Mr. Jeffries’ heart is in his business. He truly cares about the outcome of proceedings, and wants the best for all parties involved. He’s tough when he needs to be; but also keeps a level head. I appreciate all he did for my family. My husband and my ex and I are on such a great level of co-parenting, I don’t think we would be where we are today if it wasn’t for his rationale. Thanks Mr. Jeffries.
Mr. Jeffries really knows his law and takes the time to truly represent your interests. We had a difficult case and he always was ready to support our position with facts and the law. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing divorce services. You will be in great hands. – Glenda
I live in PA and had to seek legal counsel in VA because my sister was residing in the state. I contacted many lawyers in VA for assistance and Bob was one of the few who not only took the time to respond but did so in a very timely manner. I had no prior working relationship with Bob and in explaining my need for his services, he could have had every reason to not believe the incredulous story of why I was seeking legal counsel. Bob believed in me, my story and in my sister’s case. His advice, both legally and otherwise, was always on the mark. He was cognizant of the financial impact to me and my family in the services he provided and did everything he could to keep expenses down. I never had to ask Bob for follow-up on any issue because he was always two steps ahead of me. He was proactive in his approach throughout our dealings often contacting me well after normal business hours to discuss matters. I placed countless phone calls and emails to Bob over the course of the several months I worked with him. He and his assistant Michelle worked tirelessly on my behalf. I always felt like I was his only client, even though I know that wasn’t the case. The personalized attention, the attention to detail and the legal counsel that I received from Bob Jeffries, has changed my opinion of the legal profession. My family is forever indebted to Bob for what he has done for us. Bob is highly recommended.
Mr. J is a great attorney and person. He is very knowledgeable and understanding. I have used him for matters of divorce, special education for my child, and guardianship/conservatorship. I would highly recommend him.